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2016 Submissions

Heart of a Hero (Sample) Cinematic Song

2015 Submissions

Finding Serenity Trance Song

2014 Submissions

2013 Submissions

Enchanting Plain Trance Song
A Lasting Memory Trance Song
Would You Wake Up? (Fin.) Classical Song
The Cyber Hacker Part 2 New Wave Song
The Cyber Hacker Part 1 New Wave Song
Forever Lasting Trance Song
Heart of Courage Trance Song
Blow the Roof (Preview 2) Dubstep Song
A Moment to Remember Classical Song
Blow the Roof (Preview) House Song
Are You Ready? Dance Song
-A World Beyond- Trance Song
Florescence (Syphonmax Remix) Trance Song
I've Got To Hang On [Vocal] Dance Song
Angel In The Night [Remix] Dance Song
I've Got to Hang On [Inst.] Dance Song
Around The Sun [SyM] Dance Song
Do You Feel Trance Song
Angel Eyes [SyM Remix] Dance Song
Jump Jump [SyM Remix] Dance Song
Neverland [SyM Final Remix] Dance Song
Pleasant Dreams Dance Song
Tell Me Why [SyM Remix] Dance Song
I Feel the Raving [Inst.] Dance Song
Get up and dance [EP] Dance Song
Techno Rocker [SyM & Helthy] Dance Song
I Feel The Raving Dance Song
Just Dance [SyM Remix] Dance Song
Ecouture [Collab] Trance Song
Komodo - Still [SyM Remix] Pop Song
Neverland [SyM Remix] Dance Song
Summer Blast Dance Song
Sound of Disco Inst. [SyM Rmx] Dance Song
Sound of Disco [SyM Remix] Dance Song
I love you so much [SyM Remix] General Rock Song
Raise Your Hands Dance Song
Basshunter Song [SyM Remix] Dance Song
Weekend Has Come [SyM Rmx] Dance Song
Syphonrox (Final) Dance Song
Paradise Haven Dance Song
Infinity [Syphonmax Remix] Dance Song
Farval Farval [Syphonmax RMX] Dance Song
One More Night [Syphonmax RMX] Dance Song
Basshunter Every Morning [RMX] Dance Song
Let's Dance [Collab - Helth] Dance Song
Insanity XD Is Back Dance Song
Camilla [Syphonmax Remix] Dance Song
Energy Dance Dance Song
Let's Dance Dance Song
Ozone - Rock (syphonmax remix) Trance Song
Rave Heaven RMX [With Vocals] Dance Song
Dream World Dance Dance Song
Dream World Trance Trance Song
Neverland Remix V2 Dance Song
Blue Dance V2 Dance Song
Super Happy Dance Dance Song
Blue Dance Dance Song
Syphonmax 2009 (Edit) Trance Song
Big Party (Babidibababa) Dance Song
Moholotic Filter [Remix] Dance Song
Rave Heaven [Extreme Remix] Dance Song
New Years Party Dance Song
Syphonmax 2009 Trance Song
Neverland [Syphonmax Remix] Dance Song
Syphonrox Energy Remix Dance Song
Synfunamax Trance Song
Syphonrox Trance Song
Code Lyoko Ultra Remix Dance Song
Das Das ^_^ [Remix] Dance Song
Shattered Gear Boss Battle Miscellaneous Loop
Shattered Gear Battle Theme Techno Loop
We'll Take A Chance (RMX) Dance Song
Robot Dance Dance Song
Syphonmax 2008 mix Trance Song
Saw The Sine Dance Song
On The Station Trance Song
Titanic Remix V2 (^_^) Miscellaneous Song
Titanic Theme (-^_^-) Miscellaneous Song
Code Lyoko Theme (Edit) Dance Song
Let's Funk Pop Song
Robo Beat [ Robots Remix ] New Wave Song
Endless Space Techno Song
Let Them Try Techno Song
Up In The Clouds Trance Song
Party Time Dance Song

2007 Submissions

The Ultimate Battle theme Video Game Song
I come in peace Ambient Song
Camouflage Ambient Song
A Moonlight Serenade Ambient Song
Dancing Kraft Pop Song